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Erik Dargitz's debut novel is a satirical post-apocalyptic story of the last man on Earth ... who's the last man you'd pick for the job.

After a global virus seemingly wipes out the entire male population, a skinny, socially awkward, self-conscious video game junkie is somehow still kicking. And he’s wildly unprepared for this new world. Out there waiting for him are physicians who want to study him, a cult of spiritual extremists who want to deify him and brutal gangs with far more nefarious intentions. Throughout his journey, Fletcher does his best to act like a real man, being that he’s the only one around. Unfortunately, this only leads to more problems … for him and humanity.

Published by Edderkoppen Press

“Give this book a peek. It’s a fun ride.”

Edward Ashton

Author of Mickey7, Three Days in April & more

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